Tobacco duty (from March 2016):


On cigarettes: 16.5% of retail price plus £196.42 per 1,000 cigarettes. - in understandable terms this means you're paying (on a £7 packet of 20) £5.08.. or 72%..! On hand rolling tobacco: £198.10/kg - that means on on a 50g packet costing £18 you're paying £9.90 just in tax, or 55%. The total tax collected annually from tobacco sales is around 12 Billion, yes £12,000,000,000. - That snippet is from On that site they also mention that the tax on premium brands can be around 74%, while on 'cheaper' brands you're actually paying more in tax, up to 88%.


What about the rest?


Even after all that is taken by the government (and that's just in the UK), the tobacco industy is seriously enriched by sales of the cancer-sticks & related products. Worldwide PROFITS, not sales, total $35 Billion. Deaths from related illnesses now top 6 Million annually. That's over 16,000 per day, nearly 700 per hour, or by the time you've read this far on this page another 7 or 8 people will be dead.


The tobacco industry is a cynical scam that helps to keep the 1% rich


After the way we've all been shafted by the banks, government bailouts, our kids poisoned by chemical pesticide companies, food doctored to make it addictive so people get fat but still keep eating, & pharma companies making a living from treating the diseases caused by all these other corporations activities, isn't it time to at least free yourself from one of them, one (apart from what you eat), where you can still take some control back over your own life? Unless you've fallen asleep before reading this far (and if you did then you probably have no interest in helping yourself) then book your session now. Dave 07960 510889 (or go to the next page, the stress relief illusion)