A selection of real letters & emails from satisfied clients. Name's have been changed in some cases to protect privacy unless permission was given to use actual ones.



"I made the decision yet again to free myself from the shackles of nicotine addiction, but this time I was going to succeed.  I knew from past experience that patches, gum, sprays and will power just didn't get me the results I wanted.  I had heard about hypnosis for smoking cessation over the years and had nothing to lose, other than my filthy habit.  I had one session with Dave and have been a non smoker since,  this has been the easiest and most pleasant way to overcome my addiction, with no withdrawal symptoms, cravings or irritability.  I feel calmer, happier and healthier.  Thank you Dave." 'Cheryl'. Sheffield

Smoking. This one is from a recording I made a while ago. It was an 'old style' session. My new 1:1 is much better.


OK here we go....a brief recommendation.....
The cd starts with an introduction about what to expect from the hypnosis which was great for someone like me who did not really know what to expect.  I felt like the intro warmed me up to the ideas that were about to be introduced to me. Dave gets the tone and volume perfect throughout the hypnosis and I felt fully relaxed during the whole cd. His calm voice gently lulls you into a meditative state in which it is easy to listen to his valid points about the reasons why people smoke and how it is quite easy to stop smoking once you decide upon it.  He gives you the gentle reminders about health, money and lifespan that you would expect from a stop smoking cd but without the patronizing tone. With the clever use of sounds and his voice Dave really takes you on a personal journey into the reasons why you smoke and how once you decide to not smoke it will be easy. The cd is aimed at anyone who smokes-gender, age and smoking history are not relevant.  I think it is the belief that Dave has in his work that shines through on the cd-he knows he can help you and so you trust his voice more.  There was a powerful shift in how I felt about smoking once I had listened to the cd. 
When I "awoke" from the hypnosis cd I know for sure that I would not smoke another cigarette again and 4 months on I still feel the same.  I only needed to listen to the cd once-that was a worthwhile hour of my life for sure! I have given up smoking in the past but never before have I felt so in control of it-before it felt that I really was "giving up" because I knew I should do and smoking was bad for me but this time I am not giving anything up, I am just choosing to listen to myself and not smoke again.  This time feels different because as well as the usual benefits (breathing better, improved energy levels, fresh breath, saving money etc) I also feel better about myself because I have made the decision and I know that I will stick to it. Thanks so much Dave, not only have you stopped me smoking but you have also opened my mind to listening to hypnosis for other areas of my life. THANK YOU!  'Josie', sheffield.


Smoking. Andy has agreed to make this verifiable by supplying his email address: andyleez@hotmail.co.uk


"I went to see Dave after deciding i'd had enough of smoking after 30 odd years. I was prepared to test my willpower to achieve this but decided to see how Dave could compliment this. All i can say is WOW !!  After only one session, i am no longer a smoker and i am pleasantly surprised how little willpower i am using to stay a non smoker.  If you are thinking of trying Dave to help, but are unsure, like i myself was, then don't wait any longer. Dave is a friendly, down to earth fella, and i was made to feel calm and relaxed immediately. What Dave does really does work. I am testament to that. Cheers Dave" Andy, Sheffield.

Smoking. Jess has agreed to let me use her real name. Please ask if you'd like her to verify this testimonial.


I went to see Dave as I was ready to stop smoking. I had given up a few times before but the habit had always slowly crept back into my life. I wanted to stop for health reasons and felt hypnosis was a stress free and fast way to stop. I didn't want to try e-cigs, patches, inhalators or tablets as I felt all these would lead me back to smoking cigarettes in the end. I needed something final. Dave made me feel at ease and was patient whilst I discussed my concerns about "going under" hypnosis. He was able to explain everything in an easy to understand way and it was soon time to begin the session. I felt totally comfortable throughout the session and when it ended I knew I was now a non smoker, 6 weeks later and I have not even thought about smoking. I have been among smokers and been out drinking (usually triggers). I have all the usual benefits of stopping smoking with the added bonus that it required no will power, hardship or "props." I feel so pleased that I choose hypnosis and feel completely satisfied with the outcome from just one session. If you are ready to stop smoking, if you are really ready to never smoke again and make a change to your health then I would 100% recommend Dave. I am a non smoker rather than an ex smoker now. Thank you Dave! Jess, Sheffield