When we smoke, we may think we're excercising our 'rights'

But nothing could be further from the truth. We've been subtly programmed by hypnotic advertising (until it was banned), and after that public opinion that 'it's addictive' etc. We're exercising our right to go along with the crowd, nothing more. We may have started to 'rebel' against people who didn't want us to, but that was small fry, childish nonsense. There's a much bigger, real enemy out there, and they keep themselves so well hidden from view that we're convinced we smoke out of 'free choice'. Think again.


The industry wasn't always this evil but then they realised how much money could be made..

It used to be thought that smoking was just a dirty habit that people did for no real reason other than to look cool.. Until around the 60's a Dr by the name of Lennox Johnson set out to prove that nicotine was addictive. He was wrong, but managed to convince the medical profession. The marketing men then jumped on the opportunity to spread this new 'knowledge' far & wide, as it gave people an excuse to keep smoking 'I can't give up, I'm hooked'.


But even back in the 20's there was some cynical stuff going on

Around that time it was frowned on for women to smoke, it just wasn't social acceptable, then a guy called Edward Bernays, who was the nephew of Freud, had been studynig Freud's theories about how our emotions can make us behave in irrational ways. So he hired some suffragettes from the time to parade around with cigs hanging from their mouths telling women to 'take back control of your lives, and smoke if you want to'. So they did, and from then on the female of the species was able to enjoy lung cancer the same as their husbands.

Taking back control of your life means doing the opposite of what those women did back then. Because now the corporations and money men of the world keep you smoking by misinformation, 'therapies' that don't work like patches and gum, and directing governments to put money into programs like the useless NHS stop smoking services when all they'd have to do is pay for some competent hypnotherapists to sort the job in one session per customer (of course then a lot more would just 'give it a try' and there would be a lower success rate so maybe it should stay the responsibility of private practice to get people their lives back).

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