How is your session going to be different from others you may have tried?

As hypnotherapists we normally get taught the 'old school' way of smoking cessation, involving death beds and weeping relatives, an unpleasant trip for the client. This kind of aversion can work but the smokers I've spoken to who've 'tried' such a session with other people all complained about it, and it only worked for a short time if at all in their particular cases. That's not to say it doesn't work for anyone, but it's not my way of doing things.


We all have different 'parts' inside us that perform different functions. Think of them as subroutines in a computer. We have the part that's a friend, part that's a spouse or partner, part that works & takes things seriously, a part that has fun, etc. It's the same for smoking. We have the part that's a rebel, part that's self-destructive, and a part that actually thinks smoking is good for us as that's how we've programmed ourselves with this habit. But also on our sides are parts that are creative, strong, etc, and the part(s) that want to stop smoking. During the session we have a meeting of parts with the conscious mind taking control of the decision making. We clear any obstacles or possible reasons why you'd ever want to smoke again, get that out of the way so there's never any temptation. It works like a charm.


When you book

I'll ask you to think about & write down a list of reasons you want to quit. This is important as I'll use it during the session making it stick even better. I'll also as you to think about and write a list of all the reasons you can think of that you smoke, when, where, how much, how often, who with, what with etc. These are associations, and I'll use the information in the session to make it stick even better. Start thinking about those reasons now and write down what comes up, you'll surprise yourself.



After you arrive at my practice and I put the kettle on we'll have a chat for a while. I'll get those lists from you and we'll talk a bit about them, about the benefits and otherwise of smoking/not smoking (though most of the information I'll impart will be found on various pages of this site so if you read as much as you have time for beforehand then I could spend that time answering any questions it may have brought up for you, this could help it stick even better).
It's a very informal but useful process, and increases the success rate, because your subconscious mind has had a chance to start working on the options even before hypnosis has begun. It's actually a form of self-hypnosis when you delve into the why's & wherefores because you have an interest in making it work for you. .


The end result: You're a non-smoker for life!

Most of all you'll be amazed that you'll leave here a non-smoker, not a smoker who's decided to stop but feeling in your mind like someone who's never smoked, and as time goes on and your body recovers from the damage done then you'll feel that way physically as well as your health improves day by day.
So what are you waiting for, to spend more money on cigs that you could use to stop NOW? Call Me Now to Book.. Dave: 07960 510889 (or go to health benefits)