Put the age you started, amount you smoke etc into the calculator below

Age started
Smoke per day
Cost per packet of 20   
Life expectancy67
Yearly cost£3833
Lifetime cost £181086
Years of Life lost 16
The average smoker on 20 a day will find they could buy a house with the money saved over a lifetime. Whatever age you are now, think about all the other good stuff you could do with that cash.
For a trial period I'm running a No upfront fee service if you choose to use it or you really have to, you can pay me after a couple of weeks smoke free. Usually that amount is equivalent to what you would have spent. That means you're not forking out any more money than you would in your daily smoking habit, and that's only for 2 weeks worth, after that the saving is all yours. Bear in mind that I find clients have a higher success rate if they choose to pay on the day (it's partly the financial commitment that helps the changes go deep)


Most people value their health above their finances, and some their finances above their health - that one is a bit wrong, the phrase 'can't take it with you' springs to mind.. But it's also been shown that people who are better off have longer healthier lives, mainly because they can afford to work a bit less, take more leisure time, spend more quality time with family & friends, and have time & cash to eat healthily & join sport/fitness clubs. So when you quit, you'll have some of those extra benefits in addition to your body recovering from years of smoke related dilapidation, depending how you choose to use the cash you save.


So if you still choose to stay poor while making the rich richer..

This is the bottom line. Some unenlightened folk will still be happy to but I know you've got more sense than that or you wouldn't have even read this far. Go here to see what & who you've been giving your money to. Do you really want to support the luxury lifestyles of the 1% while impoverishing yourself and your family..? We're already paying through the nose for the 'financial crisis' (which I don't believe was accidental), you can reduce your contribution to these scumbags by several thousand pounds by doing one simple thing - quitting smoking.
Call me now to arrange your session, before you waste too much more of your hard-earned. Dave: 07960 510889 (or go to the next page, the tobacco scam)